Official ATO Tax Calculator is Horrible!

It's quite frustrating to use an official ATO Tax Calculator to figure out how much your take home salary would be:

  • Simple ATO tax calculator calculates just your income tax, but doesn't have calculations for current or future years and even then it "takes 2 to 10 minutes to complete";
  • Individual Non-business calculator requires you to use an actual calculator to convert your annual salary into monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments first. And then if you want to compare several salary packages you need to do it again and again!

That's horrible!

This is why accurate and simple tax calculator tool was created here. Just enter your annual salary and you will get all the calculations on the spot:

  • monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments;
  • your Superannuation contributions;
  • Medicare levy and tax offsets;
  • HELP debt, if any
  • and even your PAYG deductions if you are non-resident.

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