How to apply for JobKeeper for Sole Traders [with images]

If you are sole trader/self-employed you can apply for jobkeeper payment on ATO online portal from April 20, 2020. Here's the simple instructions with images how to do that:

1. Login to your myGov account.

You must have myGov account that is linked to ATO tax portal. Login to myGov and click on ATO:

2. View COVID-19 message

Please select "COVID-19. Access ATO measures and tailored support during coronavirus (COVID-19)." message:

3. Select JobKeeper to apply

Under JobKeeper, select Step 1 to apply:

4. Fill out the Job Keeper form

Please enter all necessary information into your Job Keeper application form:

5. JobKeeper Confirmation

You should receive a confirmation with ATO receipt ID:

That's it! Now just wait until ATO will contact you with the required documents.